SHA-256 PoS / PoW Hybrid Cryptocurrency


Secure blockchain
founded in 2013

Incakoin is one of the first sha-256 hybrids, that uses both the proof of work and proof of stake protocol in order to process transactions and generate new coins on the blockchain

Share Holders

Share holders are rewarded with 9% extra coins for allowing your supply to stake every 35 days and strengthen the network.


Miners are rewarded 100 coins per block every 60 seconds and also secure the network with processing power and generate coins for their work.


Traders will benefit the low fee’s for transactions allowing them to trade as they want.


IncaKoin is currently trading on the following powerful cryptocurrency trading platforms. Join a trusted community built around a passion for cryptocurrency. More exchanges soon to be announced, stay tuned!

A Dedicated & Talented

IncaKoin also has a great community and if you take a minute to look back through the board you’ll find a friendly atmosphere of core supporters that are always working hard to resolve any problems and lend assistance. Finally, we feel that this coin has respectable specifications and a ton of potential to grow in valuation.

Live blockchain since 2013


PoS rewards every 35 days

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