Welcome to Incakoin

Let’s change
the world together

Centralized banks are no longer capable of managing the funds of the millions of people in the world incakoin and its blockchain offers a unique way of providing a world wide currency available to anyone regardless and allowing the People to take back control of there assets.

Fast & Easy

Incakoins blockchain allows for the instant transfer of funds to and from clients requiring as little as 3 confirmations meaning thats your funds are spendable in a matter of 3 minutes arriving in your wallet.

No strings attached

Incakoin is not controlled by any centralized authority and is community run meaning any changes and upgrades are decided by all that own NKA (incakoin) .

Small Commisions

incakoin uses very low transaction fee's to process payments across the blockchain the small fee's are paid directly to miners who's computing power is busy solving blocks and processing transactions on the network.

100% Secure

Because incakoin uses both proof of work and proof of stake protocol to manage the blockchain this makes it far more secure and fixes the current 51% attack currently affecting the vast majority of cryptocurrencys. Incakoin also has in place a checkpoint server as an additional security measure keeping the blockchain 100% secure.

Incakoin is opensource

Incakoins complete core code is opensource and can be found direcly on github so that the community can submit and makes changes and fix known bugs by directly submitting a pull request to the master branch any contributions will under go extensive testing and checks before it is merged to the main branch and published live.

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