Welcome to Incakoin

About Incakoin


Proof of work and the proof of stake protocol
100 coins per block
9% rewards on staked coins every 35 days
Energy Efficient
Checkpoint server
3 confirmations on transactions
1000 confirmations on mined blocks

Simple guide to buy Incakoin

purchasing incakoin is so simple with these easy to follow steps.
Create Account

simply select the exchange you want to purchase your incakoin and create your account

Deposit bitcoin

navigate to your balance page and select the prefered currency to purchase with.

Buy incakoin

simply search for nka in the market and buy directly from the market

Incakoin setup guide

Step 1

navigate to the download and select the client for your operating system and allow it to download to your system.

Double click the downloaded application and allow it to begin loading in.

Once the application has launched it will say in the bottom right corner downloading blockchain allow this to complete as this make take some time since incakoin was launched in 2013 once its completed your are ready to start send and receiving incakoin.

if you encounter any issues please refer to the FAQ page.